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Last day of January

Cold, cold, cold in London.  So I decided to get my last years Nude Terminal D knit out today and smarten it up with my Zara blazer, warm and comfy outfit, perfect to keep me warm on my morning walk to the agency.

Wearing: nude knit: Terminal D, Leather skinnies; Zara, Black blazer: Zara, Watch: Cheapo, Clutch: American Apparel

 Decided to ad an extra layer underneath to fight the cold. Shirt: H&M male collection.



Somewhere in time…

I found this watch in one of my favorite vintage/charity stores in central London (Bernardo’s in Marylebone) Complete with it’s very cool, original packaging, I couldn’t not buy this leather, all white, clean digital watch. Love how simple it is, but still able to brighten up my (almost daily) black outfits. The only thing I can not seem to figure out is the brand name/logo (as a graphic designer, bad bad girl). Does it say Cheapo or Choeap or … Anyone?  “Did you mean CHEAP digital watch?” is all Google can make from it, and no, that is not what I meant my dear Google (at least I hope the brand is not just called Cheap). So please let me know if your mastermind can figure out this logo, or if you just know the brand.

I combine it with my Urban Outfitters Bracelet, Black Cos bracelet and vintage silver rings.


EDIT: Found the brand, with the help of my friend Wais. (thank you!) Apparently it is a Swedish brand, find more about them HERE.

Take me to the seaside…

Fresh salmon was in promotion today at Waitrose, yay. Don’t need much more after a busy day at work. Designing a lot for this world known hair care brand lately, very interesting in many ways, but very busy  and hectic as you can imagine.

So coming home and cooking some salmon comfort food tonight, eating it on our cosy sofa together with my boyfriend made me relax totally.

Steamed salmon with shallots garlic, tomatoes and lemon on creamy spinach & potatoe mash  with fresh tomato brushetta salad.


eggs love me…

…and I love eggs. Valentine might be a couple of weeks away, but I couldn’t not show you guys this nice way to chear up your breakfast.


Silky Sunday

I love lazy Sundays like these, let the sunshine in, don’t go out only to grab a quick coffee and stay in, feel the silky fabrics on your skin. Nothing feels better after a very busy week in Central London.

Wearing: all silk Topshop dress, H&M Male shirt, Cos Elastic Belt, Urban Outfitters Knit, Primark leather gloves, vintage watch, Monki Clutch, Topshop Boots

Love reading magazines all day and eating my current addiction: wasabi peanuts.


55DSL + VICE Magazine Party

We popped in to the 55DSL & Vice new collection Launch Party in the boxpark in Shoreditch the other day. Other than beers, good looking people and good music they actually had some nice pieces in their new collection too. Loving their minty green skinny jeans.

Mint green skinny jeans: yes please, adding these to my wishlist


I had an amazing 22nd birthday last Thursday and  following “party” on Friday.

Even though I had to work both days, I managed to have a great time. Having as much food as possible (oh, how I love birthday foods) with an amazing breakfast made by my boyfriend  (cake No. 1), having lunch at an American diner with a massive dessert (ice-cream No.1), a very chocolaty cake (No.2) at work,  incredible diner at BeachBlanketBabylon in Shoreditch followed by and amazing dessert (ice-cream No. 2) and a Friday full of treats including Emily’s cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery and way to much nacho’s and drinks. (actually forget about that, I don’t think I can ever have enough nacho’s)

-An early morning-

Poached eggs on muffin + Belgian Chocolate cake + fresh flowers

Cake nr 1

Got a very nice Comptoir des Cottoniers dress as a present

– Birthday outfit –

dress: Sandro – shoes: Topshop – clutch: American Apparel

More Birthday posts following! L.

22 (day)

– Birthday Lunch –

Burger and ice-cream (No.1 ) at Tinseltown

– at the agency –

View from my desk: Birthday rainbow to cheer up my working day

Cake No. 2 at work

More Birthday Posts folowing! L.

22 (night)

– Birthday Night –

Evening outfit: top: YSL vintage – skirt: H&M Trend – shoes: Topshop – clutch AA

Dinner at the amazing BeachBlanketBabylon in East-London. Nice food (ice ceam No. 2 of the day) – nice music – nice (very goodlooking) female DJ.

– FridayNight –

We invited some friends round ours to have some late birthday drinks on Friday. A night filled with alcohol of all sorts and a nacho overload (tradition wise)  that ended up drinking on the roof.

Emily’s amazing Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes

Ending the Friday party  drinking on the roof.