22 (night)

– Birthday Night –

Evening outfit: top: YSL vintage – skirt: H&M Trend – shoes: Topshop – clutch AA

Dinner at the amazing BeachBlanketBabylon in East-London. Nice food (ice ceam No. 2 of the day) – nice music – nice (very goodlooking) female DJ.

– FridayNight –

We invited some friends round ours to have some late birthday drinks on Friday. A night filled with alcohol of all sorts and a nacho overload (tradition wise)  that ended up drinking on the roof.

Emily’s amazing Hummingbird Bakery cupcakes

Ending the Friday party  drinking on the roof.


4 responses to “22 (night)

  1. Jaaaaaa eindelijk heb ik weer een suuuuuper leuke blog gevonden:D Ik volg je gelijk en ga gelijk door al je posts heen:D

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