Somewhere in time…

I found this watch in one of my favorite vintage/charity stores in central London (Bernardo’s in Marylebone) Complete with it’s very cool, original packaging, I couldn’t not buy this leather, all white, clean digital watch. Love how simple it is, but still able to brighten up my (almost daily) black outfits. The only thing I can not seem to figure out is the brand name/logo (as a graphic designer, bad bad girl). Does it say Cheapo or Choeap or … Anyone?  “Did you mean CHEAP digital watch?” is all Google can make from it, and no, that is not what I meant my dear Google (at least I hope the brand is not just called Cheap). So please let me know if your mastermind can figure out this logo, or if you just know the brand.

I combine it with my Urban Outfitters Bracelet, Black Cos bracelet and vintage silver rings.


EDIT: Found the brand, with the help of my friend Wais. (thank you!) Apparently it is a Swedish brand, find more about them HERE.

4 responses to “Somewhere in time…

  1. Love it! We’ve just written a post on our favourite YSL bags. Would love you to check it out!

  2. Woah, love the watch! :)


  3. Als het goed is dan is het merk Cheapo heb er zelf een pratende versie van!

  4. oeh die is best wel hip ja

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