Just trying to keep myself warm these days, with 1000 and 1 layers (including using my back-up closet: my boyfriends’)

Layer 1: Knitted top: Urban outfitters London, Skirt: Urban Outfitters NY, Clutch: American Apparel, Watch: Cheapo

Layer 2: Black boyfriend blazer: Primark, Booties: Topshop

Layer 3: Dark navy coat: Muiji (my boyfriends’, as my fitted coat didn’t fit over all my layers anymore) Gold Broche: Nike (boyfriend), Leather gloves: Primark

Layer 4? Still needed a hot soup to warm up, so we went to Tossed in Mortimer Street on my lunch break for some amazing healthy food.


What are your tips to warm up in this freezing weather?


9 responses to “Layered

  1. Oh and about the other super sweet comment, I’m going 21&22 march to london!! Just can’t wait.. been there very often but tips from an insider are always great!

  2. Yeah, although layering seems to be a season essential due to the wheater, it still looks just so great!


  3. This post couldn’t have come at a better time as I’m going to London tomorrow and will be using your outfit’s for inspiration :)

  4. hello dear. if you want to win a VICTORIA’S SECRET check follow my blog

    thank you

  5. Cute outfit! Follow each other? ;)

  6. Hey girl i’m loving your blog and your style :)
    follow me back? I am new to blogging could use all the help I can get! :)


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