Digging for gold

To buy or not to buy…

Today I went to Selfridges to wander around and see if there where any sale treasures left to be found. And I did find the gold, literally.

I spotted these amazing Sandro gold skinnies, HALF PRICE. They looked + felt great, but I am just not a 100% sure if the gold is a good move as all the spring/summer collections are very light and soft, and this is quite a hard, dark item…

What do you guys think, to buy or not to buy?


4 responses to “Digging for gold

  1. To buy! Metallics are everywhere, these jeans are especially Burberry s/s 12.



  2. Do it do it. Wauwie, specially with a sheer blouse. love.

  3. Wow, I love those skinnies! I reckon you could totally mix them with softer items as well. Love your blog!


  4. To buy! Hij staat jou echt heeel goed :)! Bij sommigen vind ik het too much, maar vind het bij jouw uiterlijk en uitstraling heel mooi passen op de één of andere manier.

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