Oh Rosalind’s

It’s the beginning of a new week, so I  started mine with a big breakfast to reload my energy. I bought this fruit salad + home made muesli + Greek yoghurt at Rosalind’s, one of my favourite healthy take out places in central London (AND on my way to work). It’s a small place, but don’t let their size fool you. They have a wide range of breakfasts that you can put together yourself and do amazing healthy lunches as well. The staff is always friendly and happy (nice on a grey Monday morning like this) and if its your first time (or if they are in a good mood, which is a lot) they give you a home made muffin for free! (you didn’t hear that from me!)

Mmm talking about a good start of the week!

(Have a look at all the other delicious food they do HERE)


Hope your week started as good as well!


5 responses to “Oh Rosalind’s

  1. hmmm looks really good !

  2. I love Rosalinds. It’s great nutritious food that is not “samey” . I get tired of the same menus at Pret and such like and love that Rosalinds have a varied and changing menu

  3. mmmm that food really looks delicious!!! I wish we had it here too =(((

  4. die muffin ziet er gezond en lekker uit!

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