Topshop + Mary K. + Unique

Yesterday evening, Topshop Edited in Oxford Street gave us a little preview of their upcoming Unique collection AND collaborating with Mary K. Even if it was snowing like crazy outside, summer arrived inside, with cocktails and models wearing the Unique ss ’12 collection.

The Unique collection is inspired by Elizabeth Taylor in the iconic 1963 adaptation of Cleopatra and 90s hip-hop. So expect loads of Egyptian geometric patters and gold details.

But the highlight of the event was definitely the collaboration between Topshop and designer Mary Katrantzou with her eclectic floral patterns. Mary K. is a well renowned Greek  fashion designer, and even if I’m not much of a print fan, Mary K’s print overdosed pieces always seduce me, if you go for print, you should go all the way!


The Unique Collection, inspired by Elizabeth Taylor:

The Unique collection is in stores now, and the Mary K. collection will officially be launched in Topshop on February 17th, the first day of London fashion Week.

What do you think about it? To much prints, or the exact right (over)dose?


8 responses to “Topshop + Mary K. + Unique

  1. Hmm, ik ben niet zo van de printjes, maar sommige stukken zien er wel leuk uit. Misschien moet ik maar eens wat kledingstukken met print in mijn garderobe introduceren :)

  2. I love it! I need that pheasant dress in my life. And the top with the collar :)


  3. LOVE this!!! Great find.

  4. I love prints, but these are a bit much for me. At least the top set of pictures. The last photo, the one with the long black/white dress, is stunning, though!
    xo Heather

  5. Wow, some of those prints are pretty psychedelic! Not everyone can carry off prints well, so I guess the collection isn’t all that commercial in a sense, but it’s definitely very daring in a fashion sense (:

    ♥ ♥ ♥
    valour and lace

  6. Voor mij iets TE druk. Maar kan leuk zijn als het bij je stijl past :)

  7. LOVE prints, LOVE Mary K. and LOVE the fact that I’ll be in London on the 17th. Guess where I’ll be? ;) Ik hou wel van drukke eclectische prints en van mix without the match, dus ben benieuwd om de collectie in levende lijve te zien. Bedankt voor je comment trouwens, zalig dat je in Londen woont (denk ik?). Geniet van elke dag!

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