Zara sale

A couple of days ago, I decide to go and check out the new Zara collection. I’ve seen it appear all over the internet, and as I live 5 minutes away from at least 4  Zara’s, I thought I’d check it out.

Before I went, I made myself clear that I couldn’t let myself buy ANYTHING from the new collection yet, untill the sales are over (good thing that is was snowing like crazy in central London, and how beautiful those summer pieces looked, summer itself felt ages away)

So I checked out the new collection. it looks amazing ,as many of you already know. beautiful pastel/faded colors and incredible light fabrics mixed with some very stong powerful and minimalistic pieces. In a later post, I will show you my favorites from this new collection, but as I said, I wasn’t gonna let all that nice seduce me into buying already, so after taking understanding of all the new trends and fabrics, i headed to the sales part, which was still pretty full.

– These are the 2 basic  items I found (70% off): –Silky, ombre printed top

Basic, minimalistic grey top from Zara Studio

What do you guys think? Outfits will follow later!


4 responses to “Zara sale

  1. Gorgeous! can’t wait to see how you wear them. xx

    The Londoner

  2. Wauw, beide erg mooie aankopen! Vooral die bovenste vind ik erg mooi.

  3. Mooi !! Ik ben eens benieuwd als je ze aanhebt.

  4. Mooi!! Ik ben eens benieuwd als je het aanhebt. Neem maar mee op skivakantie.

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