KG beanie

I have been looking for a new, simple, perfect beanie since I’ve lost my (2!) black beanie hats from last year (I am a bit disorganized, I know, but moving 4 times within the year didn’t really help either).

The longer it took me to find one, the more bikinis and flip-flops replaced the accessories corners so the less chance I actually had to find one I liked.

So yesterday, when I wasn’t even looking for it, I walked in to Kurt Geiger at St Christophers place (my favorite KG in London) to check if they had any shoe sale treasures left.

I left with no shoes tho, but did find this amazing angora wool beanie (from 30 to 8 pounds) and this see through card holder clutch (from 25 to 10 pounds!).

It totally made my day and finally my ears will be warm again. Photos of me wearing the beanie coming soon.

What do you think about it?


3 responses to “KG beanie

  1. A lovely beanie, such a good basic hope you don’t lose this one. I love KG too much and prob should avoid it but I wanna check out the last of the sales now.

  2. I love Kurt Geiger :-) Never even noticed the hats there though – too blinded by the stunning shoes!

  3. Goeiemiddag!
    Supers tasje van Kurt Geiger
    Pls follow my blog on

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