What’s in a bag

Just arrived in Austria now, what a long roadtrip fulled with mountain views and McDonalds pitstops. But I am so happy to be here, can’t wait to get out in the snow/sun tomorow.

When I was packing all my stuff for my holiday here, and trying to take only the necessary, even in my handbag, I found out that my “necessary essentials” are very unisex, and I have a very un-girly, all black/white purse contents.

Here are my essentials, that I can’t live without and ALWAYS have to have in my bag:

From top left to right:

  • Carry-all leather clutch – American Apparel
  • Mini bottle of Daisy perfume – Marc Jacobs
  • My “Lucky scorpion” – little store Soho, New  York
  • Black, leather gloves – Primark
  • Oyster card to travel London
  • All white business card holder – Muji
  • Sunglasses – Ray-Ban
  • Silver USB pendrive
  • Orange lipstick – MAC
  • Iphone 4 – Apple
  • Analogue camera
  • Sheer purse – KG by Kurt Geiger

What’s always  in your bag?


4 responses to “What’s in a bag

  1. I did a post like this when I started my blog, my contents aren’t nearly as androgynous and luxe as yours. I love your clubmaker sunglasses, I’ve been on the look out for a cheaper pair!


  2. Mooie zonnebril & camera! Mijn analoge camera is zo onwijs zwaar.. die neem ik niet altijd mee helaas. In mijn tas zit altijd mijn telefoon, sleutels, portemonnee en agenda. Omdat ik vaak switch tussen tassen vergeet ik vaak de helft over te plaatsen hehe… Veel plezier in Oostenrijk!

  3. I love posts about whats in your bag, maybe its because im nosey, either way, loves it……………….xx


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