First of all, I have to apologise for my lack of post the past week. While London was buzzing with fashion week parties, I escaped to the Austrian countryside for a ski trip. On my way back at the moment, making a little pit stop in Belgium first.

To be honest, I LOVE being on the road, I often even find the road trips better than the holiday itself.

In a car for hours, going through foreign countries, with different food, people , signs, views, etc. With tons of books and magazines, all installed with pillows and ‘road trip music’, prepared with some proper road trip snacks and looking out for a local McDonalds or burger house,I simply love it. Even stops at road restaurants and shops I find very inspiring. Checking out the local Pringles/Doritos/crisp flavours, scoring some good old disposable cameras, I love it all.  So before I post some lovely mountain views from my Austria trip, here are some (mostly food pics) of the trip.

wearing my boyfriends cap to hide the “12 hours in a car –  hairdo”

Yes, I love Mcdonalds when roadtripping, I simply can’t pass one without trying the latest local burger. Call it a guilty pleasure.

And a quick all time favorite roadtrip song, Wicked Game, from my fav movie Wild at Heart:


One response to “Roadtrip

  1. Ik vind in een auto zitten ook helemaal geen probleem.

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