Sunday treats

Last Sunday, we decided to enjoy the London sun fully, so we got our bikes out and cycled all the way from Central to East London.

We had heard about a Doctor Martin Sample sale, so wanted to have a quick look, but the que was massive, so we decided to have a stroll down Brick Lane market, try some more international foods, fresh juices, and simply enjoy the sun.

When we wanted to make a move to our next destination (Somerset House) We bumped into a Design Outlet, hidden in a corner near Brick Lane, selling the most amazing pieces from See by Chloe, Veronique Branquinho and more. To bad it was the end of the month, so even if these pieces where massively priced down, they where still a bit too much for my (almost) empty wallet. Couldn’t leave without picking one thing up tho, a  beautiful leather waist bag, priced down to 10 pounds, it’s a real Veronique Branquinho from her 2009 collection (photos will follow soon)

After that, we continued our bike trip and  visited the Pick Me Up (Contemporary Graphic Art Fair) at Somerset House, to check some upcoming Graphic Design and Illustration talent out.

Good food at Brick Lane Market:

We tried the coffee macaron and the green tea flavored one:

I chose to go for Indian street food:

Paul went for a Japanese, cheesy pancake:


Some inspiring illustrations at Pick me Up 2012:Riikka Sormunen

Tim Enthoven

Martin Nicolausson

Enjoy this sunny Wednesday, I’m off to work now, followed by the ID Magazine Party tonight!


4 responses to “Sunday treats

  1. Wat een heerlijk eten allemaal! En de tekeningen zijn mooi zeg! Klinkt als een lekker dagje!

  2. Reblogged this on calmyourbeans.

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