Roka London

After spending Easter with my family in Belgium (which was so lovely!), me and Paul decided to treat ourself on some good food to celebrate I was back in London. We decided to try out Roka, a contemporary Japanese restaurant in Charlotte street that we passed so many times and what has apparently been a celeb hotspot just around our corner for a long time (have been spotted here: Angelina and Brad, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, J-lo and more)

So our hopes on some good quality food where high, and we definitely didn’t leave disappointed, or with an empty stomach (of wich could not be said of our wallets)

As we couldn’t take our eyes (and hands) of the  food, no celebs where spotted.

We had some spicy edamame beans first:

Followed by some soft shell crab (my favourite dish of the evening):

Some asparagus and brocoli on the side:

I went for grilled fish as a main, and Paul had these juicy baby back ribs:

Off course we couldnt leave without a dessert, and went for a chocolate sundae with caramel and vanilla ice cream.

Good food, good vibe, would definitely recommend this for a special occasion.

More info about Roka here.


2 responses to “Roka London

  1. That looks tasty!

  2. hmmm ziet er lekker uit!

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