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After a  sunny vintage shopping trip to Brighton yesterday, London looked rather grey this morning. To grey to go out for breakfast, so we decided to just cook what we had, wich was 1 egg each, spinach and loads of coffee…

In the end, our poached/boiled eggs on a bed of spiced spinach did taste surprisingly good. (although we needed a big lunch after!)

I will always love Sunday breakfasts in bed. Happy Sunday everyone.


Only one…

Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur Bridal

No need to say more.


Shiny memories

I always seem to find old photos I took everywhere.  People who know me, know I always carry a disposable camara around  in every single bag. I love to get them developed and be totally surprised by the results (as it often takes months before I get them developed)

So the other day I decided to document some of them and put them on a Flickr page. Here are some of my favourites, have a look at my Flickr page for more.

More photos here.


Apricot boost

I needed a good start of my new working week.

Nothing tastes better than a bowl of greek yoghurt, baby apricots and linseeds in bed after a long, Jubilee weekend (bless the Queen). With a cup of green tea (before my coffee) in the morning sunlight, it should be the start of a sunny and short work week.


(Fresh apricots are an excellent source of Vitamins A, C, E, and iron, and antioxidants! Health boost, yeah!)


Have a good week everybody