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Still alive

I know, I haven’t shown my face for a long time, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. I’m currently working on a lot of different projects both at my job as Senior Designer at Liberty and within my freelance presence, Studio Lé.

Also, I am know offering a lovely room in my own ran Bed & Breakfast, in the cool East-London area. So always welcome if you want to experience a bit of real London life!

Have a look at my listing on AirBnb and let me know if you have any questions!

FLAT_STUDIO_Lé_BnBBreakfast_STUDIO_Lé_BnB Detail_STUDIO_Lé_BnB Livingroom°STUDIO_Lé_BnB Lounge_STUDIO_Lé_BnB

Hope to see you here soon!

x Lé


Healthy foods and sunny moods

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Sunday Flowers

On Sunday me and Paul decided to enjoy the East London vibes and despite for the grey weather, had a nice day out. We started with a big breakfast at the Breakfast Club (to recover from our night out in Soho). We where lucky to arrive just before to queue got massive and had some amazing, filling food, just what we needed.I was wearing: Leather shorts : Zara,  Black&white top: Zara,  Boots: Topshop,  Bag: Zara,  Denim jacket: H&M (old),  Leather gloves: Primark

The Breakfast Club (Hoxton):

I had (as usual) a big portion of yoghurt with granola, fresh and dried fruits, nuts and bircher muesli, and Paul went for a veggie burrito:

Paul was clearly still recovering from our night out in Soho on Saturday:

After breakfast we walked to the Columbia Road Flower Market:

Bumped into Jesus:

And a dying Killer Whale:

Tried on some hats, as I am looking for a nice one for those bad hair days:

After wandering around for a while, we met up with James at the The Old Shoreditch Station. A (coffee)bar + shop+ exhibition space that I very much like, as it reminds me of all my favorite coffee places in Antwerp.

More about The Breakfast Club here and The Old Shoredtich Station here.

Have a good week everybody!


Cambodian treasures

Some things I brought back from my trip to Cambodia a while ago:

  • Aesop products (from our last resort, Song Saa)
  • Black and off-white silk scarfs (photos of where it was made)
  • Comfy, wide printed trousers
  • Black Rolex Oysterdate with gold detail, fake or real? (also here)
  • Gradient Vans Sunglasses (fake or real?)

Gradient Vans Sunglasses:


AESOP: This is definitely my new, favorite beauty product brand. I love their all natural products, no sticky, heavy, chemical stuff. Just light, aromatic, almost herby flavours. This in combination with its beautiful, clean design makes it almost perfect to me.More about my Cambodian adventures HERE + HERE + HERE

Well, back to work here now, the Easter fairytale is over.

Have a good week everybody,


Song Saa Private Island

This is my last post about my trip to Cambodia a few weeks ago. I decided to dedicate a whole post to Song Saa, as this place has made an enormous impression on me.

I was a bit sceptical when I heard we where going to a private, luxurious resort at the end of our trip. Cambodia is an amazing country, but it is still in full development. A lot of people are still living on the streets or getting under paid. So when I heard about our last place of residence of our trip, I didn’t know this would be very ethical correct after traveling through the country and seeing some amazing, but also worrying things

But all my prejudices disappeared when I arrived at the beautiful Song Saa Island. Not only does everything look part of the nature and blends in perfect with the Island flora, the idea of the island, besides being a resort, is research and the owners are protecting the whole area.

They have a team of 4 people working with government and non-government organisations, conservation authorities and community leaders to ensure Song Saa Island never loses the things that make it so special. (including a marine reserve covering one million square metres, where it’s forbidden to fish and is used for research)

To ensure their guests realize the value of what they see when they visit, they currently have two researchers, linked to Australia’s James Cook University, working on a field guide to Song Saa’s marine life. (read more about its sustainability here)

Besides  all of this, another thing I noticed is how beautifully every little detail on the island is designed. When I talked to the staff about how much I loved all the materials used and that I clearly saw there was thinking behind the interior of our villa, they told me Malita, one of the owners is actually a Interior Designer. She clearly has an amazing eye for detail and material and I really admire how she created not only a luxurious resort, but a whole experience  with these pure, natural materials, without losing any of the islands features.

As you can tell ,I could talk about Song Saa for ages, (and I didn’t start about the amazing food yet!) but I recommend to go to their website to read more (and definitely check out the resort photos, as I feel I didn’t capture enough of its beauty on mine)

We had our own jungle villa, with private infinity pool, sea view, outside and inside showers, an amazing kitchen and much more:

Breakfast on the water:

View from the jungle:

Diner (all the food was cooked by star chef Neil Wager ,who has cooked for the likes of Prince Andrew, the King of Spain, Sarah Ferguson, David Beckham and Brad Pitt) 

Chilling with a drink at the bar:

Lunch on the beach:

Last diner, BBQ in/by the pool:

(To see more about Song Saa Private Island, click here)


Sunday treats

Last Sunday, we decided to enjoy the London sun fully, so we got our bikes out and cycled all the way from Central to East London.

We had heard about a Doctor Martin Sample sale, so wanted to have a quick look, but the que was massive, so we decided to have a stroll down Brick Lane market, try some more international foods, fresh juices, and simply enjoy the sun.

When we wanted to make a move to our next destination (Somerset House) We bumped into a Design Outlet, hidden in a corner near Brick Lane, selling the most amazing pieces from See by Chloe, Veronique Branquinho and more. To bad it was the end of the month, so even if these pieces where massively priced down, they where still a bit too much for my (almost) empty wallet. Couldn’t leave without picking one thing up tho, a  beautiful leather waist bag, priced down to 10 pounds, it’s a real Veronique Branquinho from her 2009 collection (photos will follow soon)

After that, we continued our bike trip and  visited the Pick Me Up (Contemporary Graphic Art Fair) at Somerset House, to check some upcoming Graphic Design and Illustration talent out.

Good food at Brick Lane Market:

We tried the coffee macaron and the green tea flavored one:

I chose to go for Indian street food:

Paul went for a Japanese, cheesy pancake:


Some inspiring illustrations at Pick me Up 2012:Riikka Sormunen

Tim Enthoven

Martin Nicolausson

Enjoy this sunny Wednesday, I’m off to work now, followed by the ID Magazine Party tonight!


Bye bye Cambodia

Back in London, after an unforgettable trip to Cambodia. Photos can’t capture how amazing this place is. From the motivated people to the great food and nature, I loved it all. Here are some photos off the first part of the trip in Siem Reap:

From brussels to Bangkok with Thai Air, smooth as silk , indeed.

Got served Belgian Waffles when flying above Thailand.

12 hours of playing old game boy games, Thai Air knows how to please me.

Silk Weaving at Artisans d’Angkor:

Good Khmer food:

Some street views:

Me in our tuktuk:

My little friend at night on our terrace:

Sleeping inside or outside?

Visiting the temples:

A local wedding, loved the colors:

More photos will follow, back to reality now and off to work!

Have a nice week everybody!


13 hours off the ground

Well, I’m setting off for Cambodia now, so I probably won’t post too much within the next week as I will be in the jungle/ on the beach / in temples / wherever the sun takes me…

(all images via Tumblr)

…but first I ill be in the air for 13 hours, tips anybody? (except for dreaming away by images like these)


Austrian memories

Before I start packing for Cambodia and get in the summer mood, I’m going to share some Austrian memories from last weeks ski holiday.

Besides beautiful, dreamy mountain views (see them here) it was a holiday full of good food, bacon tequillas and family fun.

More holiday memories here.


Have a nice weekend everybody!



“Flying to Cambodia”

I’ve only just got back to London and another trip is coming up. Next week, I will be going to Cambodia! I can’t wait, never been there before. (+ what better excuse can I have to start buying myself some spring/summer collection pieces!?)

I love to get nostalgic with Kim Wilde’s Cambodia:

Shopping/eating/sightseeing tips anybody?