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After a  sunny vintage shopping trip to Brighton yesterday, London looked rather grey this morning. To grey to go out for breakfast, so we decided to just cook what we had, wich was 1 egg each, spinach and loads of coffee…

In the end, our poached/boiled eggs on a bed of spiced spinach did taste surprisingly good. (although we needed a big lunch after!)

I will always love Sunday breakfasts in bed. Happy Sunday everyone.


Bonne Bouche Brunch

Bonne bouche in Marylebone is on of my favorite hidden places in Central London to get a good filling breakfast/lunch/snack for a reasonable price. Besides nice full English breakfasts  they do amazing homemade mueslis and granola (yes, I am a sucker for cereals) and have their own pattiserie next door where they make their own pastries as well.

Yesterday, I had my favorite item on the menu: Bonne Bouche Deluxe: greek yoghurt with fresh and dried fruits and nuts, with a drizzle of honey.


They also do amazing pastries:

2-3 Thayer Street,

(see what I was wearing here)


Have a nice Sunday!


Buns & roses

As you all know, it was V-day yesterday. me and my bofriend didn’t really plan to do anything, as we where both working in the day, and have a week full of pre-parties/launched/… for LFW ahead of us.

But, as we where op quite early in the morning, we decided to have a nice breakfast out together. We went to this amazing place near us called the Scandinavian Kitchen. As it is almost opposite the agency I work for,  I could stay warm and cozy until 5 minutes before I had to start. I really love Scandinavian food as it is always so healthy and pure.(AND it fits with the nordic cold weather at the moment!). Besides  honest priced meals, the Scandinavian Kitchen also has a little supper market inside with some real Scandinavian goodness!

Love the place!

I was wearing my new, nude colored KG beanie hat +  Leather jacket from Only + Black Forever 21 dress + American Apparel Male Cardigan & Clutch + Leather Primark gloves  + Topshop boots

(More about The Scandinavian Kitchen here)

How was your v-day?


V-day Pink eggs

I ‘ve never really been a Valentines day lover. But my love for food is indescribable. So every excuse to cook really, makes me happy.

This morning I decided to make a v-day themed breakfast. Just added some tomato puree/ketchup to my eggs to create pink scrambled eggs topped with a heart shape tomato and served with  a heart cut-out toast and nice tomato salad. (best served in bed, obviously) .

Perfect Sunday morning hangover cure, me and my boyfriend both agree.

Although , if I had to choose, my all time Valentine favourite DIY is still THIS.

How is you Sunday morning?


eggs love me…

…and I love eggs. Valentine might be a couple of weeks away, but I couldn’t not show you guys this nice way to chear up your breakfast.



I had an amazing 22nd birthday last Thursday and  following “party” on Friday.

Even though I had to work both days, I managed to have a great time. Having as much food as possible (oh, how I love birthday foods) with an amazing breakfast made by my boyfriend  (cake No. 1), having lunch at an American diner with a massive dessert (ice-cream No.1), a very chocolaty cake (No.2) at work,  incredible diner at BeachBlanketBabylon in Shoreditch followed by and amazing dessert (ice-cream No. 2) and a Friday full of treats including Emily’s cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery and way to much nacho’s and drinks. (actually forget about that, I don’t think I can ever have enough nacho’s)

-An early morning-

Poached eggs on muffin + Belgian Chocolate cake + fresh flowers

Cake nr 1

Got a very nice Comptoir des Cottoniers dress as a present

– Birthday outfit –

dress: Sandro – shoes: Topshop – clutch: American Apparel

More Birthday posts following! L.