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My ACNE Love List


I think most people who know me, know I am a sucker for Acne, always have been, always will. I love their contemporary yet minimal take on style whiteout trying to hard and losing their brand feel.

Their Spring/Summer 2014 is no exception and might even be one of my favourite collections of them so far. I tried to select only a few of the looks I like the most, but literally like ALL of them this year.

Below is my  attempt to a (not so short) shortlist:











ACNE_by_SNAKESKINJACKETall from acnestudios.com

What’s your fave look?

Photobooth lovin’

I’m a photo automat lover ever since I was in Berlin. Love this one outside my new flat in London, great for capturing crazy, naughty (drunk), lovely moments…


Laura V + Alexa Chung London2013







Laura Vandenbergh London2013




LauraVandenbergh Snakeskin Jacket London 2013


Laura Vandenbergh + Paul John London2013




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23 – cheetah jackets, pineapples and white sheets

It was my birthday last weekend, and I had a blast! Paul baked vegan carrot cupcakes and suprised me with champagne and presents in bed for breakfast. In the evening, he took me to the House of Wolf (amazing place in Islington, check it out here) for some ‘experimental dining’ and we went drinking and dancing after in Stoke Newington/ Dalston. Here’s some snapshots of an amazing night, thanks everyone who came out and for the birthday wishes.


x L.


I have to admit, while I used to post very frequent, the previous months of my live have been a mystery for my blog followers. It might seem that I have been lazy, and yes, as a personal blogger, that might be a correct presumption. But I haven’t been lazy in general, believe me. From trips all over Europe, to meeting the Kills,  freelancing as reporter at London Fashion Week, hot festivals, cold showers, magazine parties, big sample sales, and enjoying the London (Indian) Summer in general, I have been busy.

The next weeks I will update you and reveal some of these mysteries again. Not all verry accurate or big, but notthing wrong with re-living some good old memories.


But for now, I will leave you with one other mystery that will give you sweet dreams until mine will be revealed…



Enzo M.

A couple of weeks ago, London based freelance photographer Enzo Mercedes took these amazing shots of me and my boyfriend to add to his portfolio. Enzo worked for some of the biggest magazines, so we felt very honored to work with him.

I very much like the results, and thought I’d share some of them with you.

I am wearing:  burgundy shirt: The Kooples,  burgundy skinny jeans: Topshop, Boots: Topshop

Paul is wearing: Bronze Suit jacket: The Kooples, Black silk t-shirt: The Kooples

Click here to see more of Enzo’s work.


Zara sale

A couple of days ago, I decide to go and check out the new Zara collection. I’ve seen it appear all over the internet, and as I live 5 minutes away from at least 4  Zara’s, I thought I’d check it out.

Before I went, I made myself clear that I couldn’t let myself buy ANYTHING from the new collection yet, untill the sales are over (good thing that is was snowing like crazy in central London, and how beautiful those summer pieces looked, summer itself felt ages away)

So I checked out the new collection. it looks amazing ,as many of you already know. beautiful pastel/faded colors and incredible light fabrics mixed with some very stong powerful and minimalistic pieces. In a later post, I will show you my favorites from this new collection, but as I said, I wasn’t gonna let all that nice seduce me into buying already, so after taking understanding of all the new trends and fabrics, i headed to the sales part, which was still pretty full.

– These are the 2 basic  items I found (70% off): –Silky, ombre printed top

Basic, minimalistic grey top from Zara Studio

What do you guys think? Outfits will follow later!


Meeting Manolo

Yesterday, I was very excited to be invited to the Manolo Blahnik Epiphany screening organized by Harper’s Bazaar and American Express at the British Film Institution.

I had to work during the day, but was prepared wearing my little black, silk Topshop Boutique dress, covered with my denim shirt for the day, with my high heels in my bag for the evening.

 – I was wearing: –

Topshop Boutique silk LBD – Topshop leather Stilleto’s – Cos metal collar (also worn here) – Zara blazer

– The British Film Institution: –

Goodiebags baby!

the Moet bar + delicious canapés

Manolo and me (and without flash sadly enough)

Manolo with with Bazaar’s Sarah Bailey ,editor of Harpers Bazaar) (image: Harper’s Bazaar)

Loved Tallulah Harlechs ,model/actress, outfit. ((image: Harper’s Bazaar)

A beautifull shot of Divorce, Italian Style, Manolo’s favorite movie.

Latest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, our ‘golden’ tickets, etc

I took my boyfriend as +1, as he works in Fashion( for The Kooples) and as usually, we arrived fashionably late. (after some warming up wines at the Concrete Bar). The event was held at the British Film Institution in Soutbank, London, an amazing building facing the Thames. After collecting or tickets at the Harper’s Bazaar stand and passing the goodie bags, we entered the Blue Room, where the reception was hosted, EXACTLY together with mister Manolo Blahnik himself. (talking about a big entrance, huh?) As soon as we arrived at the reception, we felt how intimate and exclusive this party actually was, as we where there together with not more than 35 other very big names in Fashion and film (invites only). Luckily, the Moet champagne and Journey’s End wine flowed fluently and we were spoiled with delightful canapés, so it didn’t take to long before we felt at ease. Wandering around the venue, we had some very inspiring and motivating chats with some of the biggest people in fashion and film at the moment, and yes, even with Mister Blahnik himself. It was incredibly inspiring talking with him about the industry. I was pleasantly surprised to find out he used to be a Graphic Designer, passionate about fashion, as well. Just like my boyfriend and me. He made us see how far we can get, as longs as we’re passionate about what you do.

The whole idea of the event was to show how the fashion and the film industry are linked and influence each other in both ways. After the reception, Manolo, a film fanatic himself, showed us one of his favorite movies all times, Divorce, Italian style.

On stage with British Film icon Diana Quick, he talked about how film influenced his life and career, and when the screening started, I immediately understood Manolos love for this film. Divorce, Italian Style is an amazing, dark comedy from ’61 dealing with a still current story about a crime of passion.  This all combined with incredible music and beautiful black and white imagery, created one of my new favorite movies.

I left the party with (besides a satisfied stomach, slightly tipsy feeling and goodie bag) a whole new load of inspiration and ideas, and the motivation to always follow my (fashion) dreams.

Big thanks to Harper’s Bazaar and Manolo Blahnik.


Collar me silver

I bought this silver collar at the COS concession in Selfridges the other day. Even if it was a bit of a treat for me, I mainly bought it for  all those basics I have (and love) in my closet, but which often miss that one extra element. (They deserve a  treat sometimes as well, no?)

Double collar with my H&M mens shirt:


Black Ninja, fight the snow

Can’t go wrong with wearing all black today to go to work. Although I am brightening it up with my bright white leather watch, shiny gold hair cuff and beige suede jacket. London is still freezing, and covered in a muddy layer of snow. Hopefully I will be able to make my way through without slipping…

Top: Zara, Jeans: Primark, Boots: Zara, Watch: Cheapo, Suede jacket: Primark

Gold haircuff: H&M


Oh Rosalind’s

It’s the beginning of a new week, so I  started mine with a big breakfast to reload my energy. I bought this fruit salad + home made muesli + Greek yoghurt at Rosalind’s, one of my favourite healthy take out places in central London (AND on my way to work). It’s a small place, but don’t let their size fool you. They have a wide range of breakfasts that you can put together yourself and do amazing healthy lunches as well. The staff is always friendly and happy (nice on a grey Monday morning like this) and if its your first time (or if they are in a good mood, which is a lot) they give you a home made muffin for free! (you didn’t hear that from me!)

Mmm talking about a good start of the week!

(Have a look at all the other delicious food they do HERE)


Hope your week started as good as well!