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Treasures for a good cause

Living in Central London is expensive, fact. Although I save loads of money on travel, its known that the prices of the food/grocery shopping/drinks go up the more central you go. So it is not always that easy to survive in this Central London jungle, just in our first design jobs, with a big weakness for fashion and good food.

But hey, everything has its positive and negative sides, and yes, there is a very positive side on living in the area I live (Marylebone). Because a lot of people who live here are very wealthy, the local charity/vintage stores are little treasure hotspots for me. My ultimate favorite is Bernardo’s in George Street, who support children’s rights. A lot of people in this neighborhood donate their (sometimes new) clothes to them, and Bernarnardo’s then sells them (to me, mostly)  for a very good price.

Some of my recent finds there include:

–       my all new, Cheapo watch (see more in this post)

–        a vintage Giorgio Armani shirt

–       a vintage Yves Saint Laurent top

–       a gold Moschino deep V-neck top

(and this all on very low prices)

Hey, we all need some to feed our fashion hunger and knowing you are actually supporting a good cause, make me a very happy girl.

Todays outfitt:Today, I was wearing the Giorgio Armani Blouse with a Silver H&M top and Zara boots.

I am wearing the YSL top HERE, and you can see the Cheapo watch HERE.

(find your local Bernardos HERE)