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Buns & roses

As you all know, it was V-day yesterday. me and my bofriend didn’t really plan to do anything, as we where both working in the day, and have a week full of pre-parties/launched/… for LFW ahead of us.

But, as we where op quite early in the morning, we decided to have a nice breakfast out together. We went to this amazing place near us called the Scandinavian Kitchen. As it is almost opposite the agency I work for,  I could stay warm and cozy until 5 minutes before I had to start. I really love Scandinavian food as it is always so healthy and pure.(AND it fits with the nordic cold weather at the moment!). Besides  honest priced meals, the Scandinavian Kitchen also has a little supper market inside with some real Scandinavian goodness!

Love the place!

I was wearing my new, nude colored KG beanie hat +  Leather jacket from Only + Black Forever 21 dress + American Apparel Male Cardigan & Clutch + Leather Primark gloves  + Topshop boots

(More about The Scandinavian Kitchen here)

How was your v-day?


summer vs winter

Last week, when I was cleaning out my closet looking for old treasures (also see this post), I rediscovered my dusty pink Simone Hooper dress I bought last summer.

So, as it is incredibly sunny in London, I decided to layer this summer dress up a bit with my Vintage Armani shirt (also seen here) , and actually wear it as a “winter piece” to go out, have some lunch, do some shopping, wander around Selfridges (amazing around Valentines time , think: free chocolate fountain taster etc).

Wearing Simone Hooper dress, Giorgio Armani vintage shirt, Only leather Jacket, Topshop Boots, Primark leather gloves, Rayban Sunglasses

Outfitt detail

Met Paul for lunch, he looked pretty smart in his all Kooples outfitt

Oh how much I love the sunny streets of London


Hope you’re also enjoying a Sunny weekend!