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Digging for gold

To buy or not to buy…

Today I went to Selfridges to wander around and see if there where any sale treasures left to be found. And I did find the gold, literally.

I spotted these amazing Sandro gold skinnies, HALF PRICE. They looked + felt great, but I am just not a 100% sure if the gold is a good move as all the spring/summer collections are very light and soft, and this is quite a hard, dark item…

What do you guys think, to buy or not to buy?




I had an amazing 22nd birthday last Thursday and  following “party” on Friday.

Even though I had to work both days, I managed to have a great time. Having as much food as possible (oh, how I love birthday foods) with an amazing breakfast made by my boyfriend  (cake No. 1), having lunch at an American diner with a massive dessert (ice-cream No.1), a very chocolaty cake (No.2) at work,  incredible diner at BeachBlanketBabylon in Shoreditch followed by and amazing dessert (ice-cream No. 2) and a Friday full of treats including Emily’s cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery and way to much nacho’s and drinks. (actually forget about that, I don’t think I can ever have enough nacho’s)

-An early morning-

Poached eggs on muffin + Belgian Chocolate cake + fresh flowers

Cake nr 1

Got a very nice Comptoir des Cottoniers dress as a present

– Birthday outfit –

dress: Sandro – shoes: Topshop – clutch: American Apparel

More Birthday posts following! L.