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Last holiday buys

My last buys before I go to Cambodia:

Since almost all my summer clothes got stolen last year at the Pukkelpop Tragedy, I have been looking out for some new basics for a while, definitely with an early holiday coming up. So here are my last summer buys before my Cambodia trip:

Some light fluorescent yellow undies (COS):

2 pairs of shorts :  printed silk (Topshop) + coated denim (Zara)

Simple black loafers (H&M):

The Perfect Black Bag?

I have been looking for a simple, leather shopper/bay for ages. I am always carrying  so much stuff around with me (camera, laptop/iPad, magazines, extra shoes, etc) but I think it’s hard to find a nice, big bag to carry all these things.

So when I saw this bag at Zara yesterday, I simply couldn’t resist it. It’s perfect in a lot of ways:

  • real, smooth, quality leather
  • simple and clean shaped
  • has a bit of an edge with the patent leather gradient
  • And most important: big enough for all my stuff (without making me look like a overloaded tourist)

What do you guys think?


H&M trend, sheer ‘n light

As I am going to Cambodia in exactly 1 week, I tough I’d get some new, light summer basics to bear the heat. And where else to go then H&M trend for some quality basics with an edge? I literally like almost all the pieces of their new collection, but kept it sober, to save some spending money for the trip!

So I got myself:

  • Grey high-neck tank top
  • White tee with sheer parts
  • Peach colored tee with shiny sleeves
  • comfy underwear
  • peach nail polish

(view other H&M Trend pieces I bough recently HERE)

Already wearing the white tee today on my leather skinnies. It’s super sunny in London, so some sheer fabrics are always nice to get some sun on your skin. (outfit photos here)

Got a very busy night full of parties planned now, straight after work:

  1. Diesel light Exposure Launch Party
  2. Markus Lupfer for Shu Uemura launch party (more here)
  3. MAA Best Awards After Party
Busy busy, but I’ll keep you posted!

The Kooples SPORT

First of all, I’d like to congratulate my boyfriend, who is now Assistant Manager of (the only) Kooples Sport in the UK at Selfridges.

As I told you before (here), I am a big fan of The Kooples as a brand. Mainly because it is a brand that is always creating new projects and collaborations (Pete Doherty’s collection, their record label, etc.), without losing their brand ID.

The Kooples Sport is their latest new line, launched last week. It is a lighter, more casual version of the main brand but still keeps some of the smart and rock & roll assets. I really like their lighter and nude color palette. Here are some of my favorite pieces :

Also loving the details, such as the metal chains on the back of each top:

The new look books (pick one up at Selfridges London if you can!):

Find out more about The Kooples and The Kooples Sport HERE

Which line do you prefer?


Motel London Sample Sale

I’m back in London, finally, feels like it has been ages. I even forgot about these beauties I bought before I left.

Last Thursday, when the whole of London was getting ready for Fashion Week, Motel Rocks did a sample sale.  I was so happy to find out it was very close to the agency I work for, so I could just pop in over my lunch break.

I found this hand printed silky top and (finally) I scored a new black skinny, high-wasted jeans (for only 15 pounds)!

Thanks Motel, for making me a very happy girl that day.


struggling for thin belts

I have to admit, I don’t like shopping at Primark, its hectic, busy, messy and there is way to much to see and take in, in once.

So when I go there, I always need to set myself some goals, like the other day, I needed (+wanted) a new belt. So I planed my route through the mass, all the way up to the accessories floor. When I got there, after squeezing myself through, almost tripping over more than 1 kid/dog/shopping basket, I felt proud of myself I made it and I got rewarded by not finding 1, but 2 belts I liked, both for 1 pound!

Thin yellow suede  belt + Thin black leather belt with rose gold details

What do you guys think? Worth the struggle?


KG beanie

I have been looking for a new, simple, perfect beanie since I’ve lost my (2!) black beanie hats from last year (I am a bit disorganized, I know, but moving 4 times within the year didn’t really help either).

The longer it took me to find one, the more bikinis and flip-flops replaced the accessories corners so the less chance I actually had to find one I liked.

So yesterday, when I wasn’t even looking for it, I walked in to Kurt Geiger at St Christophers place (my favorite KG in London) to check if they had any shoe sale treasures left.

I left with no shoes tho, but did find this amazing angora wool beanie (from 30 to 8 pounds) and this see through card holder clutch (from 25 to 10 pounds!).

It totally made my day and finally my ears will be warm again. Photos of me wearing the beanie coming soon.

What do you think about it?


H&M trend Newbies

As I’ve got quite some events planned, I decided to try and find some simple basics that could be worn a work as well as at a party/launch/… as I often go straight from work.

So after I met Paul for lunch this weekend, I had a quick stroll through Selfridges again and found these to pieces at H&M trend. I might wear these to the first London Fashion Week (Pre-)Party tomorrow, I’ll keep you posted.

See- through, black to grey ombre top

Black leather arm cuffs

Btw, have a nice V-day everybody, even if I am not a valentines fan, I just had an amazing breakfast with my boyfriend, photos and more about this later!

What are your plans for today?


Zara sale

A couple of days ago, I decide to go and check out the new Zara collection. I’ve seen it appear all over the internet, and as I live 5 minutes away from at least 4  Zara’s, I thought I’d check it out.

Before I went, I made myself clear that I couldn’t let myself buy ANYTHING from the new collection yet, untill the sales are over (good thing that is was snowing like crazy in central London, and how beautiful those summer pieces looked, summer itself felt ages away)

So I checked out the new collection. it looks amazing ,as many of you already know. beautiful pastel/faded colors and incredible light fabrics mixed with some very stong powerful and minimalistic pieces. In a later post, I will show you my favorites from this new collection, but as I said, I wasn’t gonna let all that nice seduce me into buying already, so after taking understanding of all the new trends and fabrics, i headed to the sales part, which was still pretty full.

– These are the 2 basic  items I found (70% off): –Silky, ombre printed top

Basic, minimalistic grey top from Zara Studio

What do you guys think? Outfits will follow later!