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Austrian memories

Before I start packing for Cambodia and get in the summer mood, I’m going to share some Austrian memories from last weeks ski holiday.

Besides beautiful, dreamy mountain views (see them here) it was a holiday full of good food, bacon tequillas and family fun.

More holiday memories here.


Have a nice weekend everybody!



A week of mountain views

Being back in my beloved London feels amazing, but I am still dreaming away by the breath-taking mountain views I saw last week on my skiing trip to Austria.

Please feel free to dream away with me with some of the shots I made on the slopes:


Live fast, die young

Had such a busy week here;  full-time working  & lots of events in the evenings & packing for holiday  & so much more.

Today is my boyfriends birthday. As we are setting off for our ski holiday today (more here) , we’ve already celebrated with an amazing b-day diner Wednesday at Bistrotheque (more about this later). Even tho I still had to work half a day, we had some good old fashioned cake for breakfast and a quick Swedish meatball lunch before we set off to Belgium.

Just arrived home now, amazing to see the fam again and be in my good old bedroom.

Still, I can’t stop thinking about the Terry Richardson party in London we could be now, with our Canadian friend Yaz.  Terry Richardson is one of my favorite photographers/personalities ever, and when Yaz told us he would throw a party at Le Baron in London tonight and could get us in, I was sooooo gutted that I couldn’t make it.

But hey, good times are waiting here too, going to get some sleep here now (dreaming about the Terry R. party).  We will set off tomorrow morning at 5 (!) on a 10 hours road trip to Austria for a week full of sun, snow, food and drinks.

Leaving you with some inspiring photos by Terry Richardson and one of my favorite music videos of the moment, the new M.I.A song, which already brings me in the mood to go full speed on my skies, wind in my hair, sun on my face,  and eyes on the mountain views…

Some Terry inspiration:



Some music motivation:


Enjoy your weekend/fashion week/whatever your plans are