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My ACNE Love List


I think most people who know me, know I am a sucker for Acne, always have been, always will. I love their contemporary yet minimal take on style whiteout trying to hard and losing their brand feel.

Their Spring/Summer 2014 is no exception and might even be one of my favourite collections of them so far. I tried to select only a few of the looks I like the most, but literally like ALL of them this year.

Below is my  attempt to a (not so short) shortlist:











ACNE_by_SNAKESKINJACKETall from acnestudios.com

What’s your fave look?

Photobooth lovin’

I’m a photo automat lover ever since I was in Berlin. Love this one outside my new flat in London, great for capturing crazy, naughty (drunk), lovely moments…


Laura V + Alexa Chung London2013







Laura Vandenbergh London2013




LauraVandenbergh Snakeskin Jacket London 2013


Laura Vandenbergh + Paul John London2013




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Truman Brewery, London

Laura, Graphic Designer… Truman Brewery, London.

I’m on Stylogasm !

x L

Healthy foods and sunny moods

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23 – cheetah jackets, pineapples and white sheets

It was my birthday last weekend, and I had a blast! Paul baked vegan carrot cupcakes and suprised me with champagne and presents in bed for breakfast. In the evening, he took me to the House of Wolf (amazing place in Islington, check it out here) for some ‘experimental dining’ and we went drinking and dancing after in Stoke Newington/ Dalston. Here’s some snapshots of an amazing night, thanks everyone who came out and for the birthday wishes.


x L.

rooftop views

Nothing wrong with dreaming away with some good indian summer memories. One of my favourite ones lately is the first weekends of September. We went to the Dalston Roof Park , just around the corner of our new place, and enjoyed an amazing Southern American syle lazy lunch, organised by The Art of Dining, a young company that combines food, set design and art (anybody who knows me even a little bit would know I am a sucker for a combination like that!)

It definitely felt like the laziest lunch in London town that Sunday, with five  courses, picnic baskets filled with treasures, old romantic novels and slightly Southern American style music in the background. This all combined with cocktails, East-London views and a good, after summer sun made it an incredible, chilled day. Exactly how a Sunday should be.


On the menu:

Baked beans slow cooked bean and molasses soup served in an American biscuit bowl

Corn on the cob served Mexican style, with sour cream, parmesan, cumin, chilli and lime- Wilted bacon and shrimphot saladRibs’n’slaw, lamb ribs with Moroccan style slaw and pickles

Sweet potato ice cream with a ginger bread flake

(Definitely check out their website for some more pop-up culinair fests to come: www.theartofdining.co.uk)

Went for a coffee at Beyond Retro on the way.

Dalston Roof Park:

Home-made bread and strong cocktails

Corn on the cob served Mexican style

bean soup served in an American biscuit bowl

Juicy ribs

Our picnic basket friend admiring the sweet potato ice cream

After the lazy lunch, we decided to do some low effort activities as we where too full to move. We went to check out some galleries at the Hackney Wicked Festival and just enjoyed coffee, drinks and art.

Let’s all hope for more sunny weekends to come, or just dream away with the ones we had.



I have to admit, while I used to post very frequent, the previous months of my live have been a mystery for my blog followers. It might seem that I have been lazy, and yes, as a personal blogger, that might be a correct presumption. But I haven’t been lazy in general, believe me. From trips all over Europe, to meeting the Kills,  freelancing as reporter at London Fashion Week, hot festivals, cold showers, magazine parties, big sample sales, and enjoying the London (Indian) Summer in general, I have been busy.

The next weeks I will update you and reveal some of these mysteries again. Not all verry accurate or big, but notthing wrong with re-living some good old memories.


But for now, I will leave you with one other mystery that will give you sweet dreams until mine will be revealed…



The Modern Way

Dave Rowswell, a friend of ours and photographer/ graphic Designer based in London, took these amazing shots of Paul and me, at Alexandra Road Estate on Abbey Road in London a couple of weeks ago.

I have always loved this location. We all know Abby road, but the Alexandra Road Estate also has its (architectural/modernism) stories and it has been a decor for many movies and tv programs (Prime Suspect, Waking the Dead, Breaking and Entering, etc) The modernist feeling and its great theatrical character always intrigued to me. So when Dave suggested to do a shoot there, I couldn’t say no!

View more of Dave’s photography HERE

Paul was wearing:

  • Koolpes Shirt
  • Muji Coat
  • Nike Jumper
  • COS boots

I was wearing:

What do you think about them?


lazy-busy blogger

I know, I have been a lazy blogger lately.

But I can honestly say I was incredibly busy. London is seeing tis first sunshine of the year and that doesn’t happen unnoticed. Last weeks I have been overwhelmed by picnics, pub crawls, bike trips, sample sales, morning runs to check out the sun rise. mid-season sales, launch parties, visits from Belgium, winning VIP tables at clubs, checking sunsets from the hills, and much more. And this all while still recovering from my amazing Cambodia trip AND working full-time.

So I hope you can all forgive me for being so lazy/busy lately. But… the sun has brought my energy levels up , so don’t worry, I’m ready to start again!

See you very soon, 


Quote of the day

It’s my quote of the day, but it could easily be the quote of my life:

(all images via Tumblr)