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Bye bye Cambodia

Back in London, after an unforgettable trip to Cambodia. Photos can’t capture how amazing this place is. From the motivated people to the great food and nature, I loved it all. Here are some photos off the first part of the trip in Siem Reap:

From brussels to Bangkok with Thai Air, smooth as silk , indeed.

Got served Belgian Waffles when flying above Thailand.

12 hours of playing old game boy games, Thai Air knows how to please me.

Silk Weaving at Artisans d’Angkor:

Good Khmer food:

Some street views:

Me in our tuktuk:

My little friend at night on our terrace:

Sleeping inside or outside?

Visiting the temples:

A local wedding, loved the colors:

More photos will follow, back to reality now and off to work!

Have a nice week everybody!