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A kids worst nightmare.

Had to work a bit late tonight, but hey, that doesn’t stop me from spending some quality time with one of my big loves, the kitchen. As I didn’t really have that much ingredients in today (again) I decided to make a very simple dish but made it up with a massive dessert.

Without realizing it though, it turned in to a kids worst nightmare; including Brussels sprouts, and coffee flavored icing.

Warm and spicy vegetarian curry with: chia seeds, sesame seeds, spinach, green beans, sweet corn, baby carrot, peas and Brussels sprouts.

Impatiently trying to photograph my masterpiece in the oven; not working…

Home made moist vanilla cake with coffee/chocolate/sugar icing

Yes, I did deserve that, after a long day at work, and a finger freezing walk home.

(for full recipe’s just contact me)