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The Modern Way

Dave Rowswell, a friend of ours and photographer/ graphic Designer based in London, took these amazing shots of Paul and me, at Alexandra Road Estate on Abbey Road in London a couple of weeks ago.

I have always loved this location. We all know Abby road, but the Alexandra Road Estate also has its (architectural/modernism) stories and it has been a decor for many movies and tv programs (Prime Suspect, Waking the Dead, Breaking and Entering, etc) The modernist feeling and its great theatrical character always intrigued to me. So when Dave suggested to do a shoot there, I couldn’t say no!

View more of Dave’s photography HERE

Paul was wearing:

  • Koolpes Shirt
  • Muji Coat
  • Nike Jumper
  • COS boots

I was wearing:

What do you think about them?



– 20 centimeter

I’ve got a new haircut. 20 centimeters (8 inch) shorter than it was before, awtch… It’s the shortest I have had it since high school I guess.

Sorry for the crap phone quality, better images will follow soon!

What do you think?


mid-season pleasures

The best thing in London (and possibly also the worst) is that there are shopping opportunities everywhere. Around this time, most stores are having  mid -season sales, which I off course can’t resist. These are some of my latest sale treasures:

  • Black sleeveless shirt: Topshop
  • Black thin straps racerback top with lace detail: Topshop
  • Grey knitted top: Urban Outfitters
  • Pale yellow dress: Primark
  • Silver tee: Topshop


Sunday Flowers

On Sunday me and Paul decided to enjoy the East London vibes and despite for the grey weather, had a nice day out. We started with a big breakfast at the Breakfast Club (to recover from our night out in Soho). We where lucky to arrive just before to queue got massive and had some amazing, filling food, just what we needed.I was wearing: Leather shorts : Zara,  Black&white top: Zara,  Boots: Topshop,  Bag: Zara,  Denim jacket: H&M (old),  Leather gloves: Primark

The Breakfast Club (Hoxton):

I had (as usual) a big portion of yoghurt with granola, fresh and dried fruits, nuts and bircher muesli, and Paul went for a veggie burrito:

Paul was clearly still recovering from our night out in Soho on Saturday:

After breakfast we walked to the Columbia Road Flower Market:

Bumped into Jesus:

And a dying Killer Whale:

Tried on some hats, as I am looking for a nice one for those bad hair days:

After wandering around for a while, we met up with James at the The Old Shoreditch Station. A (coffee)bar + shop+ exhibition space that I very much like, as it reminds me of all my favorite coffee places in Antwerp.

More about The Breakfast Club here and The Old Shoredtich Station here.

Have a good week everybody!


Roka London

After spending Easter with my family in Belgium (which was so lovely!), me and Paul decided to treat ourself on some good food to celebrate I was back in London. We decided to try out Roka, a contemporary Japanese restaurant in Charlotte street that we passed so many times and what has apparently been a celeb hotspot just around our corner for a long time (have been spotted here: Angelina and Brad, Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow, J-lo and more)

So our hopes on some good quality food where high, and we definitely didn’t leave disappointed, or with an empty stomach (of wich could not be said of our wallets)

As we couldn’t take our eyes (and hands) of the  food, no celebs where spotted.

We had some spicy edamame beans first:

Followed by some soft shell crab (my favourite dish of the evening):

Some asparagus and brocoli on the side:

I went for grilled fish as a main, and Paul had these juicy baby back ribs:

Off course we couldnt leave without a dessert, and went for a chocolate sundae with caramel and vanilla ice cream.

Good food, good vibe, would definitely recommend this for a special occasion.

More info about Roka here.